10 Affordable Small Towns In Hawaii, Ranked By Cost Of Living

Hana - Tranquil Oasis

Embrace the serene beauty of Hana. With a low cost of living, this small town offers peace and stunning landscapes, making it an affordable haven in paradise.

Waimea - Country Living Affordably

Discover the heart of Hawaii in Waimea. Experience the charm of country living without the hefty price tag. Uncover the affordable side of island life.

Lihue - Budget-Friendly Bliss

Lihue provides a perfect blend of affordability and beauty. Explore this budget-friendly town with lush greenery and a low cost of living, making it an ideal Hawaiian retreat.

Makawao - Quaint and Cost-Effective

Experience the quaint charm of Makawao. This small town in Hawaii boasts affordability and a unique atmosphere. Dive into the local culture without breaking your budget.

Kapa'a - Affordable Coastal Living

Enjoy the coastal vibes of Kapa'a. With a reasonable cost of living, this small town offers a beachy lifestyle without compromising your wallet. Dive into affordable paradise.

Wailuku - Historic and Pocket-Friendly

Discover the historic charm of Wailuku. This small town provides an affordable glimpse into Hawaii's past, letting you enjoy the richness of history without straining your finances.

Ewa Beach - Sun-Kissed and Economical

Experience the sun-kissed beauty of Ewa Beach. With an economical cost of living, this small town is a hidden gem for those seeking affordable beachside living.

Kahului - Affordable Urban Oasis

Dive into the urban oasis of Kahului. This small town offers affordability in an urban setting, making it an ideal spot for those who seek a balance between city life and budget-friendly living.

Waipahu - Diversity at a Bargain

Explore the diversity of Waipahu. This small town provides a bargain on cost of living, welcoming you with a mix of cultures and affordable living options.

Kihei - Affordable Beach Paradise

Enjoy an affordable beach paradise in Kihei. This small town combines stunning beaches with a reasonable cost of living, creating the perfect blend for those seeking affordability and coastal beauty.


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