10 Historic Hotels In Wyoming You Should Book

The Occidental Hotel

Step back in time at The Occidental, est. 1880. Enjoy Victorian elegance and Old West ambience with modern amenities.

The Irma Hotel

Built by Buffalo Bill in 1902, The Irma Hotel boasts Wild West history. Stay in themed rooms and dine in the famous Silver Dollar Bar.

Old Faithful Inn

Located in Yellowstone National Park, this iconic hotel, dating back to 1904, offers stunning views and rustic charm.

The Historic Plains Hotel

Experience elegance in Cheyenne at The Historic Plains Hotel. Built in 1911, it's a blend of history, luxury, and comfort.

Hotel Wolf

Established in 1893, Hotel Wolf in Saratoga is a cozy retreat with vintage charm. Soak in hot springs nearby for a relaxing stay.

Kemmerer Hotel

Built in 1918, the Kemmerer Hotel exudes historic charm. Enjoy its unique architecture and explore the town's mining history.

The Wort Hotel

Nestled in Jackson Hole since 1941, The Wort Hotel offers Western hospitality with modern luxury. A historic gem in the heart of the town.

The Sheridan Inn

Opened in 1893, The Sheridan Inn is a National Historic Landmark. Immerse in its cowboy legacy and unique Western atmosphere.

The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel

Dating back to 1905, this charming hotel in Elk Mountain provides a peaceful retreat with historic allure and scenic surroundings.

The Smith Mansion

While not a hotel, The Smith Mansion, an architectural wonder, is a must-visit. Explore its history and take in breathtaking views.


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