10 Low Stress Jobs That Pay Over $70,000

Database Administrator

Are you tech-savvy? Manage databases efficiently and earn over $70,000 annually.

Technical Writer

Combine your writing skills with technology and enjoy a calm work environment. Earn a comfortable income.


Embrace the tranquility of libraries while earning a salary that surpasses $70,000.

Graphic Designer

Turn your creativity into cash. Design visually stunning graphics and make over $70,000.

Environmental Scientist

Contribute to the planet's well-being and earn a substantial income.


Preserve history and enjoy a stress-free career with a salary exceeding $70,000.

Biomedical Engineer

Merge science and innovation while maintaining a low-stress work atmosphere.

Art Therapist

Help others express themselves through art and earn a rewarding income.

Statistical Analyst

Dive into the world of numbers and statistics, earning over $70,000 annually.


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