10 Major Ways Americans Are Changing Their Holiday Travel Plans Due to Inflation

Flexible Dates

Americans are adjusting travel dates to find more affordable options during peak seasons.

Budget-Friendly Destinations

Explore how individuals are opting for less-expensive destinations without compromising on holiday spirit.

Cautious Spending

Learn about the increased financial mindfulness, influencing travel expenses and entertainment choices.

Road Trips Over Flights

Discover the surge in road trips as a cost-effective alternative to pricier air travel.

Road Trips Over Flights

Explore how holidaymakers are turning to alternatives like vacation rentals to cut lodging costs.

Accommodation Alternatives

Travel Insurance Importance

Understand the growing importance of travel insurance to safeguard against unexpected costs.

DIY Holiday Celebrations

Learn how individuals are opting for DIY holiday celebrations, reducing the need for expensive events.

Gifts with a Budget

Explore the trend of thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts replacing extravagant presents.

Local Experiences

See how Americans are embracing local experiences over costly international vacations.

Loyalty Programs

Discover the rise in loyalty program utilization for travel perks and discounts.


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