10 Things People Get Wrong About New Orleans

It's All About Mardi Gras

Contrary to belief, New Orleans is more than just beads and parades. Dive into its year-round vibrant culture beyond the famous festivities.

Cajun vs. Creole Cuisine Confusion

Don't let the terms confuse you. Unravel the culinary diversity, from gumbo to jambalaya, and savor the nuanced differences.

Jazz Isn't the Only Musical Note

While jazz is the heartbeat, explore the diverse soundscape, from blues to bounce, shaping the city's musical soul.

Hurricanes Aren't the Only Storms

New Orleans is no stranger to storms, but it's not just hurricanes. Discover the resilience amidst floods, both natural and cultural.

French Quarter Fantasies

Beyond the French Quarter's allure, explore neighborhoods like Marigny and Bywater for an authentic taste of local life.

Haunted or Historic?

Separate fact from fiction in the city's ghostly tales. New Orleans' history is rich enough without the need for embellishments.

Alligators in the Streets? Not Quite

Contrary to myths, alligators don't roam freely. Encounter wildlife responsibly in the bayous, not the city streets.

The Language of New Orleans

Unravel the linguistic mix – it's not just "Y'all" and "Bless Your Heart." Discover the city's unique linguistic blend.

Mardi Gras Indians: More Than Costumes

Delve into the significance of Mardi Gras Indian traditions, beyond the dazzling costumes, and understand their cultural importance.


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