15 Ugliest Cities in the US (According to Americans)

Newark, New Jersey

Newark takes the top spot on the list of the ugliest cities. Many participants cited the industrial landscape, lack of green spaces, and aging infrastructure as contributing factors.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, once a thriving industrial hub, now faces urban decay and economic challenges. Participants expressed concerns about abandoned buildings and a struggling economy.

Oakland, California

While Oakland has its vibrant communities, some participants mentioned issues related to crime, homelessness, and a perceived lack of cleanliness.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis made the list due to factors such as high crime rates, poverty, and a struggling education system, according to survey responses.

Stockton, California

This city in California's Central Valley ranked high on the list due to concerns about crime, unemployment, and a perceived lack of cultural amenities.

Toledo, Ohio

Toledo's industrial landscape and economic struggles were among the reasons mentioned for its inclusion on the list of the ugliest cities.

St. Louis, Missouri

While St. Louis has its historic charm, some respondents pointed out issues such as high crime rates and economic disparities as factors contributing to its appearance on this list.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee's industrial past and concerns about crime and poverty contributed to its placement among the ugliest cities according to survey respondents.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson's desert landscape and urban sprawl were mentioned as reasons for its inclusion on the list, with some participants expressing a preference for greener environments.

Baltimore, Maryland

Issues such as crime, poverty, and a perception of a declining population were factors that contributed to Baltimore's ranking as one of the ugliest cities.


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