9 Scenic Train Trips To Take In Arizona

Grand Canyon Railway

Hop on the Grand Canyon Railway for an unforgettable ride to the iconic Grand Canyon. Marvel at the breathtaking canyons and rock formations.

Verde Canyon Railroad

Embark on the Verde Canyon Railroad to witness the vibrant colors of the Verde Canyon. Capture the beauty of lush landscapes and unique wildlife.

Canyon Diablo

Explore the historic Canyon Diablo and its Wild West charm. Immerse yourself in the tales of the Old West while enjoying the scenic ride.

Old West Heritage

Ride the Old West Heritage train for a trip back in time. Encounter the spirit of the Wild West with cowboy tales and panoramic views.

Sonora Express

Board the Sonora Express for a desert adventure. Witness the beauty of Arizona's arid landscapes and catch glimpses of unique flora and fauna.

Paradise & Pacific Railroad

Join the Paradise & Pacific Railroad for a family-friendly journey. Experience the joy of train travel amidst scenic surroundings.

Grand Canyon Railway Hotel

Stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel for a complete experience. Enjoy comfortable accommodations and relive the day's scenic wonders.

Tips for Train Travel

– Book tickets in advance for popular routes. – Check the weather for a comfortable ride. – Pack essentials for a memorable trip.

Copper Spike Train Excursion

Take a journey on the Copper Spike Train to delve into Arizona's rich mining history. Experience the nostalgia of the past amid stunning vistas.


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