Forget the gym — 10 bodyweight exercises that strengthen and define your entire body

Push-Up Power

Unleash the potential of push-ups. Learn variations to target different muscle groups, sculpting your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Squat Your Way to Strength

Master the art of squats to engage your lower body. From air squats to pistol squats, discover how these exercises tone your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Core Essentials: Planks and More

Build a rock-solid core with various plank variations. Strengthen your abs and obliques, enhancing overall stability.

Dynamic Lunges for Leg Day

Elevate your leg workout with dynamic lunges. Shape your thighs and calves while improving balance and flexibility.

Dips for Triceps Triumph

Explore the world of dips to sculpt your triceps. Learn the proper form and variations to intensify your arm workout.

Pull-Up Challenge

Master the pull-up for an upper-body transformation. Target your back, biceps, and shoulders with this classic yet effective exercise.

Cardio Boost: Burpees

Infuse cardio into your routine with the mighty burpee. Burn calories, boost endurance, and challenge your entire body.

Bodyweight Rows for a V-Shaped Back

Create a V-shaped back with bodyweight rows. Strengthen your upper back and lats without any fancy gym equipment.

Leg Raises for a Strong Core

Finish strong with leg raises. Sculpt your lower abs and enhance core stability for a complete body transformation.

Handstand Progression

Take your workout to new heights with handstand progressions. Strengthen your shoulders, core, and improve overall balance.


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