Glute Gains without Weights A 10-Move Bodyweight Workout

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

– Sculpt your glutes effectively – Improve balance and flexibility – Enhance overall body strength

Exercise 1 - Squat Variations

Master squats for a firm foundation. Try sumo squats, narrow squats, and pulsing squats.

Exercise 2 - Lunges for Precision

Engage your glutes with walking lunges, reverse lunges, and side lunges.

Exercise 3 - Donkey Kicks

Lift and tone with donkey kicks. Feel the burn in your glutes as you kick each leg upward.

Exercise 4 - Fire Hydrants

Target the outer glutes with fire hydrants. Lift your leg to the side in a controlled motion.

Exercise 5 - Glute Bridges

Activate your glutes through bridges. Lift your hips, squeezing at the top for maximum effect.

Exercise 6 - Single-Leg Bridges

Take bridges to the next level. Lift one leg for intensified focus on each glute.

Exercise 7 - Plie Squats

Add a twist with plie squats. Toes turned out, feel the burn in your inner thighs and glutes.

Exercise 8 - Step-Ups

Utilize a sturdy surface for step-ups. Target your glutes with each step.

Exercise 9 - High Knees

Cardio meets glute activation. Lift those knees high to engage the entire lower body.


Glute Gains without Weights A 10-Move Bodyweight Workout