Gorgeous State Parks: Beyond Yellowstone and Yosemite

Petrified Forest State Park, Utah:

Witness the ancient beauty of petrified wood and vibrant landscapes, a well-kept secret in the heart of Utah.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Kentucky:

Marvel at the "Niagara of the South" as Cumberland Falls cascades majestically, a hidden wonder in Kentucky.

Lassen Volcanic National Park, California:

Encounter boiling springs and boiling lakes amidst volcanic landscapes, an untouched Californian paradise.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan:

Traverse dense forests and vast lakeshores in Michigan's hidden gem, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Gorges State Park, North Carolina:

Immerse yourself in waterfalls, lush gorges, and diverse wildlife, a pristine escape tucked away in North Carolina.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico:

Unearth the surreal beauty of slot canyons and tent-shaped rocks in this hidden treasure of New Mexico.

Itasca State Park, Minnesota:

Explore the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River amidst pristine forests, a tranquil retreat in Minnesota.

Eagle Creek Park, Indiana:

Discover the largest municipal park in the U.S., featuring a reservoir and diverse ecosystems, a hidden paradise in Indiana.

Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona:

Embark on a desert adventure surrounded by saguaros and mysterious tales, a lesser-known wonder in Arizona.

Ouachita National Recreation Trail, Arkansas:

Hike through the Ouachita Mountains, uncovering stunning vistas and diverse flora in this hidden trail of Arkansas.


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