Harvard Psychologist: Are You Emotionally Secure? Answer These 9 Questions


Embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by a Harvard psychologist. Explore the 9 questions that can reveal if you possess emotional security beyond the norm.

The Harvard Perspective

Gain insights into the significance of emotional security and its impact on overall well-being, as Harvard's expert sheds light on the criteria.

Question 1 - Self-Acceptance

Reflect on your level of self-acceptance as the first question guides you to explore the foundation of emotional security.

Question 2 - Resilience

Examine your resilience in the face of challenges. Discover how the ability to bounce back contributes to emotional stability.

Question 3 - Healthy Boundaries

Explore the concept of healthy boundaries in relationships and how it correlates with emotional security.

Question 4 - Openness to Vulnerability

Delve into your comfort with vulnerability and authenticity, key elements that foster emotional security.

Question 5 - Relationship Dynamics

Reflect on the dynamics of your relationships. Uncover how healthy connections contribute to emotional well-being.

Question 6 - Coping Mechanisms

Examine your coping mechanisms and understand their role in maintaining emotional balance.

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