America's Safest Cities: A Comprehensive Guide

Portland, Oregon

Safety Score: 94 Explore the lush landscapes of Portland, known for its low crime rates and community-oriented atmosphere.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Safety Score: 92 Experience the vibrant culture of Minneapolis while relishing in its top-notch safety standards.

Arlington, Virginia

Safety Score: 91 Discover the charm of Arlington, a city where safety seamlessly blends with historical elegance.

Irvine, California

Safety Score: 90 Bask in the sunshine of Irvine, where safety takes center stage in this Southern California paradise

Boise, Idaho

Safety Score: 89 Embrace the tranquility of Boise, known for its picturesque landscapes and low crime rates.

Madison, Wisconsin

Safety Score: 88 Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Madison, a city that prioritizes safety and community.

Plano, Texas

Safety Score: 87 Discover the allure of Plano, where safety and sophistication converge in the heart of Texas.

Henderson, Nevada

Safety Score: 86 Experience the safety oasis of Henderson, a city that offers a perfect blend of security and entertainment.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Safety Score: 85 Uncover the Southern charm of Raleigh, where safety is a way of life in this dynamic city.


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