Ceiling trim ideas – 12 ways to enhance this architectural feature

Classic Crown Molding

Create a timeless look with classic crown molding. Learn how to install and choose the perfect style for your ceilings.

Modern Geometric Designs

Discover the beauty of modern geometric trim. Enhance your ceilings with unique shapes and patterns for a contemporary vibe.

Rustic Exposed Beams

Bring nature indoors with rustic exposed beams. Learn how to incorporate this trend into your space for a cozy, cabin-like atmosphere.

Minimalist Cove Molding

Embrace simplicity with minimalist cove molding. Achieve a clean and modern look by adding subtle curves to your ceiling.

Dramatic Tray Ceilings

Elevate your room's style with dramatic tray ceilings. Explore design ideas that add depth and sophistication to any space.

Elegant Ceiling Medallions

Add a touch of grandeur with elegant ceiling medallions. Discover how these decorative pieces can enhance your lighting fixtures.

Two-Tone Crown Molding

Create visual interest with two-tone crown molding. Learn how to play with contrasting colors to make your ceilings pop.

Contemporary Coffered Ceilings

Explore the modern charm of coffered ceilings. Discover different designs and materials to achieve a luxurious look in your home.

Hidden LED Lighting

Enhance your ceilings with hidden LED lighting. Explore the impact of ambient lighting and learn how to install it effectively.

Artistic Ceiling Tiles

Transform your ceilings into works of art with artistic ceiling tiles. Explore various designs and materials to suit your style.


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