Now You Can Enter Real-Life Hobbit Hole Interiors on New Zealand Film Set Tours

Unveiling the Magic of Middle-earth

Experience the enchanting world of Hobbit Holes with exclusive film set tours in New Zealand. Journey into the heart of Middle-earth and step inside the iconic interiors you've only seen on screen.

Explore Hobbiton's Hidden Gems

Discover the intricate details of Bilbo's home, the Shire, and other captivating locations. Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship that brought J.R.R. Tolkien's vision to life.

Behind-the-Scenes Wonders

Unearth the secrets of movie magic as expert guides share behind-the-scenes stories. From set design to prop creation, witness the meticulous work that shaped the epic Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies.

Photo Opportunities Galore

Capture unforgettable moments within the cozy confines of Hobbit Holes. Pose by the fireplace, relax in quaint living spaces, and relive iconic scenes. Your Instagram will thank you!

Interactive Storytelling

Engage in interactive storytelling sessions, recounting tales from the film's production. Feel the magic come alive as you stand where your favorite characters once did.

Limited-Time Access

Seize the opportunity for this exclusive experience. With limited slots available, secure your spot to explore the enchanting Hobbiton set and delve into the movie-making marvel.

Authentic Kiwi Hospitality

Enjoy warm hospitality from locals who bring the film set to life. Savor traditional New Zealand cuisine and refreshments, adding an authentic touch to your Middle-earth adventure.

Family-Friendly Fun

Perfect for all ages, the tour offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Create lasting memories as you embark on this unique journey together.

Souvenirs to Cherish

Browse through a diverse range of themed souvenirs. Take home a piece of Middle-earth, from replica props to exclusive merchandise, serving as cherished mementos of your magical experience.


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