The American Islands You Probably Don’t Know About

Palmyra Atoll:

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Palmyra Atoll is an unorganized territory of the United States. It is known for its diverse marine life and is a national wildlife refuge.

Wake Island:

Also in the Pacific, Wake Island is a coral atoll with a military airfield. It's an unincorporated territory and is primarily used by the U.S. military.

Howland Island and Baker Island:

These two uninhabited atolls in the Pacific are also territories of the United States. Howland Island is known for being a stopover point during Amelia Earhart's ill-fated flight in 1937.

Navassa Island:

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, Navassa Island is a small, uninhabited island known for its unique ecosystem. It is a National Wildlife Refuge.

Johnston Atoll:

Once a U.S. military base, Johnston Atoll is located in the central Pacific. It was used for nuclear testing and other military activities but is now a national wildlife refuge.

Kingman Reef:

A largely submerged atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, Kingman Reef is uninhabited and serves as a national wildlife refuge.

Jarvis Island:

Another uninhabited island in the Pacific, Jarvis Island is a national wildlife refuge and serves as a crucial habitat for seabirds and marine wildlife.


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