The Lighting Swap That Takes Your Home From Dated To Modern, According To Jenny Marrs

Why Lighting Matters:

Explore the impact of lighting on the overall aesthetics of your space. Learn how it sets the mood and enhances the visual appeal.

Jenny's Inspirations:

Delve into Jenny's personal inspirations for her stunning lighting designs. Get a glimpse of her favorite styles and how they can influence your choices.

Types of Lighting Fixtures:

Understand the various types of fixtures available. From chandeliers to pendant lights, Jenny guides you through the options to suit different rooms.

Budget-Friendly Swaps:

Discover cost-effective ways to upgrade your lighting. Jenny shares her tips on finding affordable fixtures that still exude a modern vibe.

DIY Lighting Makeovers:

Get hands-on with DIY lighting makeovers. Follow Jenny's step-by-step guide to revamp existing fixtures and give them a contemporary twist.

Lighting Trends 2024:

Stay ahead with the latest lighting trends. Jenny unveils what's hot in 2024, helping you choose fixtures that scream modern elegance.

Lighting Dos and Don'ts:

Avoid common lighting pitfalls. Jenny shares dos and don'ts to ensure your lighting upgrade aligns with the modern aesthetic you desire.

Customer Spotlight:

Explore success stories from those who followed Jenny's advice. Witness firsthand the remarkable transformations achieved through lighting swaps.

Q&A with Jenny:

Engage with Jenny through a Q&A session. Get answers to common lighting queries and personalized tips for your home.


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