The Most Beautiful Stretches of Road in the U.S.

Pacific Coast Highway

Witness the mesmerizing Pacific coastline unfold before your eyes. This iconic route offers dramatic cliffs, serene beaches, and stunning vistas.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Navigate the winding roads of the Blue Ridge Mountains, adorned with vibrant foliage. Immerse yourself in nature's canvas during fall, a spectacle to behold.

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Traverse Glacier National Park on this engineering marvel. Marvel at glaciers, wildlife, and alpine landscapes that define the splendor of Montana.

Highway 12 - Scenic Byway

Embark on a journey through Utah's red rock country. The red canyons and arches make Highway 12 a visual feast for every road trip enthusiast.

Overseas Highway

Drive through the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys on this ocean-hugging highway. A tropical paradise awaits, with stunning views at every turn.

Great River Road

Follow the mighty Mississippi River through charming towns and riverfront landscapes. History, culture, and scenic beauty converge on this iconic route.

Route 66

Experience the nostalgia of the "Main Street of America." From quirky roadside attractions to historic landmarks, Route 66 is a journey through Americana.

Hana Highway

Embark on a winding adventure through Maui's lush landscapes. Waterfalls, rainforests, and coastal views make Hana Highway a tropical road trip dream.


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