The Most Expensive Suburbs in Every State

Alabama: Mountain Brook

Nestled Elegance: Mountain Brook stands tall as Alabama's priciest enclave, boasting upscale homes amid picturesque landscapes.

Alaska: Anchorage Hillside

Peak of Prestige: Anchorage Hillside claims Alaska's top spot with sprawling estates overlooking the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness.

Arizona: Paradise Valley

Desert Oasis of Wealth: Paradise Valley's opulent residences offer a haven of sophistication in the heart of the Arizona desert.

Arkansas: Chenal Valley

Southern Charm, Upscale Living: Chenal Valley exudes Southern charm with its upscale homes, making it Arkansas' costliest suburb.

California: Beverly Hills

Iconic Extravagance: Beverly Hills, synonymous with luxury, secures its place as California's epitome of opulence and celebrity living.

Colorado: Cherry Hills Village

Majestic Mountain Living: Cherry Hills Village captures the essence of Colorado's affluence, surrounded by the stunning Rocky Mountains.

Connecticut: Greenwich

Gold Coast Grandeur: Greenwich, Connecticut, boasts waterfront estates and historic charm, reigning as the state's premium residential haven.

Delaware: Greenville

Exclusive Seclusion: Greenville's secluded elegance positions it as Delaware's most exclusive and expensive suburban retreat.


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