These 10 states lured the most movers last year — and No. 1 is unexpected

California Dreams

With its diverse landscapes and job opportunities, California snagged the top spot, surprising many with its allure.

Texas Calling

The Lone Star State continues to attract newcomers with its booming economy and affordable living.

Sunshine State Magic

Florida's sunny weather and lifestyle make it a magnet for those seeking a change.

Colorado's Charm

The Rocky Mountains and outdoor adventures draw people to Colorado for a fresh start.

North Carolina's Appeal

From vibrant cities to picturesque landscapes, North Carolina is becoming a hotspot for new residents.

Georgia on My Mind

Georgia's southern hospitality and diverse communities make it a welcoming choice for movers.

Nevada's Allure

Beyond the famous Las Vegas lights, Nevada's affordable housing and scenic beauty attract many.

Arizona's Oasis

The Grand Canyon State's unique blend of desert landscapes and urban amenities entices those seeking a change.